McLetchie Law is a boutique law practice handling complex matters.

Practice Areas

Fighting for Justice. Providing Guidance.

Litigation & appeals

McLetchie Law represents a diverse array of litigants in all stages of litigation and appeals before federal and state courts, government agencies, arbitration tribunals, the Nevada Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 

Employment law 

Employers have a duty to compensate their workers fairly and maintain a safe, discrimination-free workplace.  McLetchie Law’s attorneys protect the rights of employees and advise employers on best practices.


McLetchie Law focuses on exceptional drafting, legal analysis, due diligence, and negotiations to guide our clients through the regulatory hurdles of Nevada’s legal marijuana market.

Anti-slapp litigation

Nevada and California law provide robust protections against lawsuits designed to silence people who exercise their right to public participation—such as petitioning the government or speaking on issues of public concern. McLetchie Law has extensive experience prevailing under Nevada’s Anti-SLAPP statute.

public records law

The Nevada Public Records Act (NPRA) promotes democracy through transparency; the public has a right to know what its government does. McLetchie Law is a leader in helping the people of Nevada get access to the public records they are entitled to.

Trademark & copyright

Trademark and copyright protections are crucial to protecting media clients' work. McLetchie Law protects clients' intellectual property rights and advises clients on licensing and fair use of others’ intellectual property.

Complex Commercial Litigation

McLetchie Law aggressively represents its business clients' best interests in court, navigating disputes between competing business entities, inter-partnership disputes, and other business conflicts.


While focusing on protecting its clients’ interests before the judicial branch, McLetchie Law also fights for justice by informing the Nevada Legislature on how to best modify the state’s laws and regulations.

First Amendment law

Freedom of expression, freedom to worship, freedom to assemble and freedom to petition the government are fundamental American rights. McLetchie Law represents media outlets and individuals who seek to exercise those rights.

civil rights Litigation

Police and prisons are not above the laws they swear to uphold. McLetchie Law fights police brutality and government abuses of power, vindicating individuals’ constitutional rights by taking on these entities in court.

Election law

Fair elections are fundamental to a functioning democracy. McLetchie Law has the experience, tenacity and knowledge to uphold this foundational principle in court.


McLetchie Law defends the freedom of the press by protecting media clients from liability, both by engaging in thorough pre-publication review, and by aggressively defending them against lawsuits designed to silence them.